About Us


We have a passion for fragrance. Scent is captivating, and fragrance is becoming a bigger staple of people lives more than ever. Our mission is to provide exquisite scents at great prices.

Founded in 2019, Maison de Parfum started with a mission to provide great quality fragrances, inspired by your favourite brands, some that aren't offered anywhere else. We include real natural oils such as oud and other natural plant based oils. 

Having found that spending £100's on bottles of perfume was simply unrealistic I decided to look into alternatives. I realised a lot of alternatives offered can be made cheaply and may not smell like the original and after a few years Maison de Parfum was born.


Rest assured, customer satisfaction is our No.1 Priority - We wont let you down.

Avg Review: 4.81 / 5



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