Sweet Desert Sand Nợ 29 - Inspired by D&G Velvet Desert Oud - *Niche*

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Mäison de Parfum - High-Quality Artisan Vegan Extrait de Parfum

Parfum with olfactory notes resembling D&G Velvet Desert Oud.

Oud, Incense Amber and Musk create a fragrant blend of rich, deep notes, an air of the desert with smokey sweetness.

Available in 10, 30 & 50ml.


About Maison de Parfum

SUPERIOR QUALITY FRAGRANCE: Our passion is fragrance, and true to form smells, thus we never compromise on their quality. With the use of premium quality aroma chemicals and completely natural sourced oils – we deliver our customers the best.


ON POINT YET AFFORDABLE: We realize that a typical British customer doesn't want to spend hundreds on a single bottle, therefore we bring you elegant and highly exquisite fragrances at an affordable price.


AMAZING BLEND OF INGREDIENTS: Using natural oils is no stranger to us here! We believe in quality ingredients used right. Including natural oils in perfumes adds to scent clarity that sometimes cannot be fully replicated will fully synthetic oils.


ANIMAL TESTING / CRUELTY-FREE: We absolutely do not test any of our products or oils on animals. These perfumes are vegan and cruelty-free! So you can wear with confidence that we not only look after your wallet but the animals that often are tested on as well.


CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We can assure you that we will not be disappointed by our product or our services. It's our duty to provide to you an elegant alternative fragrance experience. Buy from us without a doubt, we will always strive to fulfil your expectations.