Artisan Vegan Perfume.

Thank you for visiting Mäison de Parfum, an artisan and ethical perfume brand. 

Our mission is to bring the divine smells you know and love, with performance to match up to the originals, while using the highest quality natural oils and aroma ingredients and packaging them in quality resuable, recyclable bottles. All while keeping the cost down to a minimum for you. 

Inspired by the elegance and quality of French perfumes while accepting the standard British customer can’t afford to spend £100's on one or two bottles of perfume, BUT still desires that Niche quality and integrity. By using both natural oils and aroma-chemicals to deliver the highest quality extrait de parfum sprays on the market (this being 20-25% as opposed to the usual 10-15%) a little goes a LONG way.

We & our suppliers do not test on animals, something that is common practice in the perfume industry today.

We categorise the perfumes so if you are looking for a specific scent or a specific note, you can just enter it into the search box or click the relevant tag on the perfume catalogue. We also offer seasonal collections and specific brand collections, which can be found by scrolling down :-)

As once said by Patrick Süskind, “He who ruled scent, ruled the hearts of men,” and indeed those who smell good, automatically top anyone's list of attractiveness. Fragrance tends to add more to your entire personality making you look like someone who cares about their hygiene and adds depth to your appearance.

It also boosts your confidence and makes your existence "known" in a room full of people. What's better than cruelty free & divine smelling fragrances, that save you money? 

What we stand for

SUPERIOR QUALITY FRAGRANCE: Our passion is fragrance, and true to form smells, thus we never compromise on their quality. With the use of premium quality aroma chemicals and completely natural sourced oils – we deliver our customers the best.


BEING ON POINT YET AFFORDABLE: We realize that a typical British customer doesn't want to spend hundreds on a single bottle, therefore we bring you elegant and highly exquisite fragrances at an affordable price.


USING AN AMAZING BLEND OF INGREDIENTS: Using natural oils is no stranger to us here! We believe in quality ingredients used right. Including natural oils in perfumes adds to scent clarity that sometimes cannot be fully replicated with fully synthetic oils.


ANIMAL TESTING / CRUELTY-FREE: We absolutely do not test any of our products or oils on animals. These perfumes are vegan and cruelty-free! So you can wear with confidence that we not only look after your wallet but the animals that often are tested on as well.


CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We can assure you that we will not be disappointed by our product or our services. It's our duty to provide to you an elegant alternative fragrance experience. Buy from us without a doubt, we will always strive to fulfil your expectations.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee